Alchemical Journey Card Readings

with Ellen Asherah 

  These unique Tarot readings combine the traditional approach to card reading with guided trance journey. The reading is done in sacred space with emphasis on the connection  to one’s own Higher Self and inner Divine guidance. The client is lead through a series of trance journeys which serve to reveal in a very visceral way answers to all questions asked. Instead of receiving a reading where all information comes in from outside the self, these Alchemical Journey Readings are experiential mystical and shamanic journeys that leave the questioner with a deep sense of inner knowing. Beyond answering questions, these journeys facilitate deep transformation and healing.

Ellen has been reading Tarot Cards in the traditional manner for over 25 years.  In these Alchemical readings she combines her traditional Tarot background with her many tools as an Alchemical Hypnotherapist to create an opportunity for understanding, growth, healing and personal empowerment.



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