EFFECTIVE SUPPORT: Ellen Asherah CCHT CI works in a variety of transformational modalities including Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Hypno-anesthesia, Simpson Protocol,  Ultra Height tm and Theta Healing tm. Ellen Asherah CCHT CI offers relaxing and effective hypnosis sessions to support transformation and self-healing, helping clients to conquer anxiousness, anxieties, dissolve fears, release unwanted habits and addictions like quitting smoking, heal sadness and depression, manage and alleviate chronic pain, transform fatigue, lose weight, optimize performance, clear emotional blocks, heal relationships, heal the root causes of physical illness and increase energy and vitality.  Other possible avenues of exploration include transformational past life work, spiritual atunement and deepening, working with inner wisdom and inner guides, creative visualization and the ability to attract and manifest one’s true desires and goals.


with Ellen Asherah, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnosis and NLP Trainer

Hypnosis is an effective way to transform stressful inner dialogue or negative self-talk into an empowered inner climate that promotes happiness, health and productivity, as well as supporting new positive goals and changes. Self-empowerment, self-esteem and stress relief are some examples of the positive support hypnosis can provide, through tapping into the powers of the subconscious mind, or greater mind.

GROUP SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS are also available to address a variety of topics including stress reduction, combating depression, increased energy and vitality, productivity, creativity, and transforming addictive habits such as quitting smoking.

A WIDE RANGE OF LEVELS OF TRANCE AND HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES: The field of hypnotherapy today is wide and varied, with many different approaches, working in varied levels of trance. These include NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) using both a waking state and light trance state; the cutting edge interactive Alchemical Hypnotherapy approach which uses light and medium states of hypnosis; deep trance or sonambulism for effective receptivity to post hypnotic suggestions and well as transfomational processing; or the even deeper Esdaile state, where profound transformation occurs on the super-conscious level. Ellen Asherah works with this wide range of states and techniques depending upon what is most appropriate in the moment, meeting each client where they are at in order to achieve goals and facilitate healing transformation. She will often work in a few different modalities within a single hypnosis session, taking a multi-dimensional approach which includes both deep trance and self-hypnosis training for the client.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP): NLP offers very effective support for all kinds of behavioral changes, and provides hands-on self-hypnosis techniques to change mental, physical and emotional states with ease and speed. NLP techniques can be used both in light or medium trance states, and once learned in trance can be easily used in a waking state to support achieving goals as well as achieving ongoing emotional balance and harmony. NLP techniques are great for conquering addictions, reprogramming habituated responses, relieving fears and optimizing performance in any area. I often train clients during the session to utilize NLP both as self-hypnosis and while in a waking state. NLP works with the brain, using the way the brain processes experiences, information, beliefs and feelings for the purpose of healing and transformation. Through NLP inner resources are developed and activated. NLP is not about exploring or analyzing the content of an issue, but instead is oriented around effectively shifting from the state associated with the presenting issue or problem to the desired state (or resource state) through rapid trance techniques which employ neurological processes  to achieve results.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy: Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a cutting-edge healing technology in which the root causes of emotional issues, addiction and physical illness are explored and transformed. This modality, developed by David Quigley, Director of the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, Santa Rosa CA, is interactive and process oriented, with emphasis on emotional release and establishing inner resources for self empowerment.  Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions work primarily in a light to medium level state of hypnosis where the client is very relaxed but still aware on a conscious level as well. In this way the unconscious and conscious minds can get on the same page, working in cooperation to achieve the client’s stated goals. All hypnosis work is geared toward the specific needs, intentions and goals of the client. The client is always in complete control, and plays an active role in the session. 

Working with Freudian and Jungian psychological theory which closely parallels the pratices of the ancient Alchemists, the human personality can be understood as an assemblage of subpersonalities; a variety of inner vantage points and perspectives from which inner dialogue ensues, either automatically and unconsciously with often negative results, or consciously bringing various subpersonalities into cooperation and alignment for the purpose of healing and empowerment. Many inner voices are active at any given time. When these voices are in conflict the inner personality is in distress, resulting in emotional imbalance, irrational fears, negativity and self-limiting thoughts and behavior, compulsions, negative habits, self-destructive behavior, and lack of confidence and self-esteem. Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions facilitate inner dialogue and promote the healing and rebalancing of various subpersonalities so that the individual can function as a unified and empowered whole. Through this work, issues which stem from a lack of healthy primary nurturance during childhood can be healed through regression, rescuing wounded parts of the self from past trauma, while cultivating inner voices as archtypal inner resources and guides. Wounded or destructive inner voices can include wounded, traumatized or sad inner children, internalized voices of critical parents and authority figures from the past, inner critics, sceptics and judges, victims and even slave drivers. The good news is that all of these inner voices can experience healing, and the revision and reassignment of tasks and behaviors which support well being and cooperation within the inner world.  Positive inner voices can include magical and creative inner children, inner artists, warriors, heroes, achievers, innate inner wisdom, the voice of the Higher Self (spiritual-level wisdom) and body wisdom among others. Through Alchemical techniques archtypal inner voices are cultivated as inner resources, rounding out the anatomy of the inner world. The cultivation of archetypal personalities like inner mother, inner father, inner mate (or anima/animus), inner artists, inner healers, spiritual warriors, heroes and more create powerful inner resources and inner guidance to support ongoing healing and empowerment.

to learn more about ALCHEMICAL HYPNOTHERAPY visit the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis Web Library

Somatic Healing: One modality of Alchemical Hypnotherapy which I incorporate into my practice is called Somatic Healing. Somatic Healing is an effective way of addressing and healing physical illness or physical conditions through a combination of hypnotherapy and hypnotic movement where the root cause of illness is brought to light and transformed. Inner healing guides are employed for ongoing healing and support. These sessions which combine body work techniques with Hypnosis and Somatic Healing free the body of stored emotions and experiences, paving the way for new healthy habits, patterns and re-progamming. 

to learn more about SOMATIC HEALING click here for the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis Web Library

DEEP TRANCE - SONAMBULISM AND THE ESDAILE STATE: Another approach to hypnosis is to work in much deeper states of trance which can resemble sleep or a comatose state. Sometimes this is referred to as the Theta state. One of the deepest levels within this realm of hypnosis is called the Esdaile state, named after Dr. Esdaile, a British doctor from the early 1800's who performed hundreds of surgeries using this deep comatose-level hypnotic state as anesthesia. In these extremely deep levels of trance the mind is especially receptive to post-hypnotic suggestion. This is a very pleasant state where transformation can occur on a core level with no effort. In this type of hypnotic work, the client has a very private experience, guided by the hypnotherapist. Interaction is usually done not through talking as in the Alchemical model, but instead through finger movements called ideo-motor signals. Regression and the healing of trauma can be done in these deep states, where the super-conscious mind of the client performs the transformational work. Amazing experiences and results come from these powerful sessions where practical goals meet with deep healing on the soul level. Both the Simpson Protocol, developed by Ines Simpson, and Ultra Height tm, developed by Gerald Kein, are modalities Ellen Asherah works in, in order to encourage and accelerate healing on deep levels, which leads to powerful change.

Singing Bowls for Sound Healing, Energy Healing and QiGong:  In addition, Ellen Asherah uses sound healing with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls to support and augment the hynosis sessions. The beautiful and magical vibrations of the singing bowls serve as a mystical gateway into deep trance and relaxation. In all hypnotherapy sessions, and especially in the super deep work, the sounds and complex vibrational patterns of the singing bowls create a gateway into higher levels of consciousness, relaxation and peace. Along with sound healing, I use energy healing and Qigong techniques to increase the effectiveness of hypnosis sessions.



 $140 per session (1 - 1 1/2 hours)

for best success it is advised to come in for a package of 3 to 4 sessions per issue

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Mind-Body-Spirit Holistic Arts, Ellen Asherah CCHT CI CMT BA,  Lower Lake, California:  Offering an integrated, multi-dimensional approach to holistic healing arts including sessions in Hypnosis and NLP, Massage TherapyReiki Qigong and Energy Healing and Sound Healing,  and also offering Certification Trainings: NGH National Guild of Hypnotists 100 HR. Hypnotist CertificationNLP CertificationReiki and Qigong Training (Chi Kung).

Trainings are Retreat Style Intensives, offered in a beautiful, scenic Northern California setting, with a large variety of lodging and camping options to suit individual tastes. 


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