Holistic Practitioner,  Ellen Asherah integrates a number of massage modalities: Swedish, Cranio-sacral, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Accupressure, Lomi Lomi, Hypno-massage

Ellen also combines energy work (Reiki, QiGong) and Sound Healing with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls to deepen relaxation and break up of stagnant energy in the body.

                 Prices:    1hr: $80    1 1/2 hr: $110        2hr: $140 

call for an appointment: (707) 217-2202

                                 NEW! Lower Lake CA Location

 by Nick J. Webb

SWEDISH MASSAGE: a flowing full body massage which promotes relaxation, stress relief and improved circulation.

CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY: an extremely relaxing treatment focuses on the spinal column, cerebral-spinal fluidity and a gentle freeing of adhesions of the cranial bones. A great treatment for those who get headaches frequently, cranio-sacral balancing resets the nervous system, relaxes the spine and promotes wellbeing and energetic balance. click for more info

HOT STONE MASSAGE: a very luxurious treatment where smooth heated stones are used in an integrated massage promoting deep relaxation, increased circulation and relief for sore muscles.

REFLEXOLOGY: Either feet only or feet, hands and ears are massaged resulting in healing to all body systems, and great relief for sore feet, of course! The feet, hands and ears all contain numerous points and zones which correspond to all parts of the body. Reflexology treatments can be beneficial to address physical issues without having to contact overly sensitive areas directly. Through reflexology stagnant energy in specific areas of the body is freed.

The massage modalities are combined with hypnosis and/or Reiki to increase effectiveness and if desired emotional holdings in the body are gently addressed & released through hypnosis. Because emotional memory is often held in the body, the combining of massage techniques with hypnosis is an effective way of clearing old emotional issues from the body and restoring balance and relaxation of muscles and soft tissues that habitually hold tension and emotional energy. Often I combine sound therapy by using singing bowls, adding depth to relaxation and giving a visceral dimension to the energetic balancing.

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