Certified NLP Practitioner

 5-day Training 

(Neuro-linguistic Programming)

Instructor: Ellen Asherah CCHT,  Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer National Federation of Neuro-linguistic Programming, www.nfnlp.com

     This 40 hour NLP Practitioner Training is geared especially for those in the helping professions: hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, drug and alcohol counselors, social workers, care-givers, nurses, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, life coaches and all other occupations working in a supporting or healing capacity with people. CEU's (Continuing Education Units) are available. 
      This training is streamlined, cutting out the fluff, and focusing directly on NLP skill building to immediately improve participants' effectiveness with clients or patients, and for efficient, thorough and empowering self care. This training is an intensive, designed to cover a wide range of NLP topics, skills and techniques while trimming away the redundant or extraneous.  Special training in Mindfulness practices and facilitation is included, as well as specific regimens and approaches for working with trauma, phobias, and addictions. Learning is experiential as well as intellectual, with ample opportunity during class time to practice with fellow students under the supervision and  support of a trained and highly experienced instructor.
        More than just another training, this course is really a journey of personal transformation, healing and self-empowerment. By learning and practicing new techniques and concepts in class, students are able to learn and integrate, gaining  skill, confidence and mastery of basic NLP practices, increasing effectiveness in all areas of life. 
        Class size is limited, so that each student can receive all the individual attention they need to learn these skills and tailer them to their particular professional and personal contexts. Emphasis is on hands-on practical skills to increase abilities in rapport, communication, effective languaging, Mindfulness, and leading clients through transformative, empowering and healing NLP processes, both in a state of hypnosis, and in a waking state.

          Certification upon completion of the course includes membership with the National Federation of Neuro-linguistic Programming, an international NLP organization directed by psychologist, William Horton, Psy.D.

email: healingqigong3@gmail.com for more info. 



"Ellen's comfortable, engaging style provides a safe space to explore the boundaries of one's self. Take a class from  her to find out what you're capable of".   -Rebecca

"I signed up for one 2-day class, but I feel I've come away with infinitely more, both in content and experience."    -Rebecca

As a presenter, facilitator and teacher myself, I want to personally acknowledge Ellen’s skills and talents as an Alchemical Hypnotherapy trainer. She is a dynamic, articulate, clear and enthusiastic teacher, generous with sharing examples and very inspiring. I also know that she teaches QiGong and NLP and I am thrilled that she is combining these 3 effective and transformative modalities to offer to all healers and therapists who can benefit from it. I recommend her teaching to anybody with no hesitation, knowing that each will benefit from her clarity and above all, her experience."  -Agnès Cartry, CCHT, Alchemical hypnotherapist and Somatic Healer, Nevada City www.2healyourself.com


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