reserve your space!   pass the word along!

...there is a 2 day Reiki 1 Class forming
Monday July 23 & Wednesday July 25
10am to 6 pm
in Middletown, CA

at Middletown Massage & Acupuncture Collective
21158 Calistoga Rd, Middletown CA 95461
(about 1 hr from Santa Rosa CA in Lake County)

...and there are still a few spaces left!

Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality, great for everyone, and especially hypnotherapists, body-workers, nurses, and anyone in the healing professions.
  • receive potent attunements to easily send Reiki Energy
  • learn how to use Reiki in a healing treatment
  • learn how to use Reiki in diverse settings
  • learn how to use Reiki in your specific work environment
  • receive powerful activation of your psychic centers
  • increase your abilities to be grounded in challenging situations
  • learn easy and effective psychic self-protection skills
  • learn effective energy healing skills and techniques
  • learn QIGONG techniques to inform and enhance your Reiki practice
  • use Reiki to improve your own health and well-being
  • Reiki is healing, relaxing and fun for children, animals, plants and all living things!
  • Deepen and enhance your spiritual connection to your higher self and the universe
The class is two days long, 6-7 hours per day. It will be fun, trancy and experiential. When you leave this class, you will be able to easily, naturally, powerfully and confidently transmit Reiki energy for the benefit of yourself and others.

Class includes:
4 sets of Reiki 1 Attunements (energy transmission and activation),
trance journeys, qigong, sound healing
and Reiki practice time

taught by Ellen Asherah CCHT CMT
Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Wisdom Healing Qigong Instructor

Ellen is an experienced, dynamic and inspired teacher of energy healing.
Her classes provide practical hands-on instruction.

               ... if you are interested email or call Ellen at 707-987-8700

Cost: $225        call and register today!!!



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