Friday, March 29 2013
7-9 PMat Middletown Massage & Acupunture,
 21158 Calistoga Road (hwy 29), Middletown CA

"The lessons in moving energy are invaluable ... I love the  multisensory approach".  M.J.
"I've been awakened to a new way of perceiving and understanding what energy is, and have rediscovered my spirituality with the help of this class."  -Dante


for more info. call Ellen at  707-217-2202 or email at: ellenasherah@netzero.com or call Middletown Massage & Acupuncture at  707-987-7310 or visit at www.middletownmassage.net

presented by: Ellen Asherah CCHT CMT
 Certified Wisdom Healing

QiGong Level 2 Instructor
Wisdom Healing Qigong Sound Healing:
 We will be sharing a traditional sound healing chanting practice
to balance the qi (vital energy) of the body and the five organ systems.
This practice is very fun, and profoundly healing and cleansing,
emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
The chanting is natural and easy, bringing a deep feeling of balance and bliss.
Through chanting, we will be synchronizing and connecting the heart with the brain/mind,
the heart/mind with the entire body,
and the entire body to the oneness of the infinite universal healing energy - Hun Yuan Qi
This chanting practice is vibrational in nature,
deeply penetrating into the organs, glands, cells
 and energy centers of the body.
Come with your healing intentions for yourself, for others in your life
and for the planet.

Zhineng Wisdom Healing QiGong classes include: 

- physical movement

- traditional sound healing and

- energy healing techniques for individuals and the group

through dedicated practice of  Wisdom Healing QiGong you can:

- strengthen the body - reduce stress - heal disease

- activate more life energy

- enhance mental clarity and emotional stability

- enable deeper connection to the living universe

Wisdom Healing QiGong (Zhineng QiGong) is a medical QiGong tradition from China which combines ancient techniques and practices with Western and Eastern medicine and Quantum Physics. It was originally practiced in a QiGong hospital outside of Beijing with documented and proven effectiveness.

for more info about Wisdom Healing QiGong & upcoming events : www.chicenter.com


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